Hi, and welcome to Serenum

Serenum is a weather service that respects your privacy.

Before you continue, Serenum needs to know the place you want to know the weather from. You can choose either a manual place or via your device's GPS receiver. You have some options to play with as well and you can save your settings for future use or sharing.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Clock format
GPS update
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Let Serenum get your position using your device's GPS.
Unfortunately, this feature are not available right now.
Save the settings

You can choose to save the settings that you see above. When the settings has been saved, you'll get a unique id. Use that unique id to access your saved data.

You can read more about how we save the settings on our FAQ page. You can find the link to that page in the footer.

Please note #1: you have to save the URL or the unique id to be able to access your saved settings.

Please note #2: the saved settings will be deleted 2 weeks after the last access time.


Your settings has been saved and can be reached with the following unique id. Save it somewhere so you can access it later on.

https://serenum.org/{unique id}

Load saved settings

If you have a unique id that contains saved settings, you can enter it in the text field below. You can also choose to enter the unique id in the address bar, for an example like this: