Welcome to Serenum

Serenum is a Swedish-based weather service that puts you in control of your own data and adapts to your choices.


  • Many choices of settings, including being able to enter your own API key from OpenWeatherMap.
  • Minute-by-minute forecast for one hour ahead.
  • 48-hour forecast.
  • 7-day forecast.
  • Graphs for temperature, wind speed, cloud cover, humidity and precipitation for both rain and snow.
  • Ability to save the selected settings (non-standard) encrypted to the database or in plaintext to a file.
  • Ability to restore saved settings.
  • The website reloads the page once per every hour.

Open source and self-hosting

Unlike many other weather services, you can see how Serenum is built from the inside (the source code). If you want and can help make Serenum better, please do.

If you have your own web server, you can install Serenum and use the service either fully locally (without CDN) or partially locally (with CDN).

Expect long loading times

Serenum is not based on JavaScript. When viewing the current report and forecasts, expect at least 2 seconds of loading time.

Serenum can show wrong

Just like any other weather service, Serenum may display the wrong weather report or forecast. This is not a bug but a technical error as we are not that advanced in technology yet.

Take everything with a pinch of salt until you have been able to confirm that Serenum is right or wrong. This applies regardless of which weather service you use.