Welcome to Serenum!

Before you can see the current weather and the forecast for a place, you must give Serenum information how and where the data will be fetched for. To do that, use the settings below. If you want to know us some more first, scroll down to the footer.

With that said, we hope you will enjoy your stay




Let Serenum use your device's GPS to get your current position.

If you device doesn't have any GPS, Serenum will go after the IP address instead.

Fetch my current positionTrying to find you, please wait...Fetch my current position
API key

Serenum uses its own API key, but you can use yours. To get it, go to and create an account (if you don't already have one).

Enter your API key
Save your settings

If you want to get access to your settings in a easy way, you can choose to either use a link or save a cookie on your device. The link will not be stored anywhere and will never expire while the cookie will automatically be deleted from your device 7 days after you pressed the Continue button the last time.,13.503/s:0001-0

Copy the shortcut addressCopy the shortcut addressThe shortcut address has been copiedFailed. Try again