What does Serenum mean? And why did you choose that name?

Serenum are latin and means "sunny" in English. Before the weather service was called Serenum, the whole website (domain included) was Swedish with the name Vädret just nu ("weather right now" in English). Since we wanted to go global, we asked around for a name in Latin and a family member of the founder eventually asked, "why not sunny".

But why the Latin language? Because the founder loves both history and language.

Are the source code of Serenum open for all?

Yes. The source code of Serenum can be downloaded and used by anyone under the GNU GPLv3 license. You can get it at

Can I install Serenum on my own server?

Yes, you can. Go to the installation guide to get started.

Serenum can't fetch my current position. Why?

There can be more than 1 reason of this.

  1. You are inside a building. Be close to a open window or an open door to allow the satellites to find you easier. But for best result, be sure to be outside with the sky above you.
  2. The system settings for GPS are set to only use GPS and not GPS with WiFi and/or mobile data. If you allow your device to use both WiFi and mobile data when using GPS, your device will be easier to be found.
  3. The GPS does not work as it should. See if your device can be found in an application for an example OsmAnd, Apple Maps or OpenStreetMap. If some of these apps can find your location, try again with Serenum. If the issue persist, try another device.
How often do the weather data update?

The weather data will usually be updated every 10 minutes (6 times per hour), but since we only use the free plan at OpenWeatherMap, the data can be updated less than that (but not more than 2 hours).

I've encountered a bug or got an idea of a new function. What can I do?

We welcome all suggestions and especially bug reports. You can either create a new issue on Codeberg, email us at, or write to us on our Telegram group.